STRADPET Titanium Bridge Clip for Violin and Viola

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The E string of violin is relatively thinner than others and the pressure on the bridge is very high. The pressure of the bow can be added more especially when playing as the E string is easy to cut into the upper edge of the bridge. It can affect the sound and damage the bridge.

Titanium bridge clip is easy to install. It can reduce the pressure on the bridge and protect it, without damaging the string, and without damping the vibration.

The clip can be used on the bridge for viola.


The feature of Titanium bridge clip

1. The titanium bridge clip can extend the contact area between the strings and the bridge, and reduce the pressure on the upper of the bridge, thus protecting it.

2. Titanium has excellent acoustic energy conduction to transfer sound waves at full frequency. It can make your instruments a difference on the sound volume and quality.

3. The titanium bridge clip is easy to install and can be stably stuck at a bridge in the correct position.

4. The weight of the titanium bridge clip for violin is only 0.025g.

Use of Titanium Bridge Clip

In addition to the position of E string, the titanium clips can be used on other string positions if you would like to protect the bridge or to improve the sound quality.

The string grooves of the clip have been hand-polished, smoothen and rounded so as not hurt the strings.